Change log for Alpha + And more info

So to prepare for our second character Teer-sa (a.k.a Re-sa),  I added her avatar in the character selection screen (which is also the Lobby).

The next update will take a bit longer. Going to add Teer-sa fully in the game as a playable character, and that will take a some time (about 5 days) not including testing and debugging.

But hey, you get to have a second character to kick-ass with. Its going to be worth it :P

Wish me luck :)

Change log:

  • Training (offline play) will take you to the lobby instead of the stage directly
  • Added Teer-sa's as a selectable character in the lobby. This is only for show, she'll be added later
  • Added Teer-sa intro image in the stage area. Can't see it right now because you can't really select her :P
  • Also added the control layout in the project page (should have done that earlier -_-)
  • Add Fiina's full combo list in the project page (Also should have done that earlier)

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Version 6 Feb 20, 2018

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